Electron-Deficient Cyclophanes and Annulenes. Functional Aromatics in Two and Three Dimensions

NCN OPUS ST4 2023–2027

Open-Shell Nanocarbons:
Organic Materials and Synthetic Tools

NCN OPUS ST4 2020–2024

Electric Field-Responsive Framework Materials from Aromatic Building Blocks

NCN-DFG BEETHOVEN 2020–2022 (co-PI: Dirk Volkmer, Augsburg)                       

Curves and Cavities: the Fold-in Method as a Versatile Tool for Synthesizing Complex Aromatics

NCN OPUS ST5 2019–2021

Double C–H Bond Activation: A New Tool For The Synthesis Of Extensively Conjugated Oligopyrroles

NCN PRELUDIUM ST5 2018–2021 (PI: Liliia Moshniaha)

Heterocyclic Nanotube End-caps: Shape, Strain,and Function

NCN OPUS ST5 2016–2020

Coronoid hydrocarbons: exploring the fold-instrategy in the synthesis of macrocyclic nanographenes

NCN PRELUDIUM ST5 2016–2019 (PI: Marcin Majewski)

Oligomeric azagraphenoids. Synthesis and properties

NCN PRELUDIUM ST5 2016–2019 (PI: Marika Żyła–Karwowska)

Extensively Fused Pyrrole-Based Aromatics. Synthetic Methods and Functional Materials

NCN OPUS ST5 2015–2018

Expanded Azacoronenes. Exploring Synthetic Limits in a Congested Molecular Environment

NCN PRELUDIUM ST5 2015–2018 (PI: Elżbieta Gońka)

Chrysaoroles. Synthesis and Properties

NCN PRELUDIUM ST5 2013–2016 (PI: Damian Myśliwiec)

π-Aromatics on Hyperbolic Planes. Synthesis and Self-Assembly 


Donor−Acceptor Oligopyrroles for Energy and Electron Transfer. From Aromatic Nanohoops to Photodynamic Therapy

Foundation for the Polish Science TEAM 2018–2022

Design and Synthesis of New Porphyrin-Based Materials

Foundation for the Polish Science HOMING 2007–2009

Tubular π-Aromatic Compounds: Synthesis and Properties

Ministry of Science individual project 2011–2014